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Energy management system

Less expenditure on energy means more profit!
OptimizeIT is ABP Induction's solution for the entire energy management operations in your enterprise. For over 20 years now, ABP Induction has been increasing the competitive edge of its customers by helping them to optimize their power consumption balance sheet.

OptimizeIT can be used for applications in individual foundries or forges and can also be configured to coordinate the energy operations of an entire corporation sited in several different regions.

ABP Induction delivers a complete range of services:

  • Consultation and identification of tailored system solutions for customers
  • Engineering and implementation of turnkey solutions
  • Technical training for users

Valuable benefits:

  • Substantial savings in total energy costs
  • Structured energy data transparency and availability with regard to historical data, ongoing pouring and processing stages
  • Forecasting of energy needs on the basis of realistic production schedules
  • System-generated options to defer energy-intensive process steps
  • Utilization of significant cost-saving opportunities through sales and purchases on the spot market
  • Avoidance of tariff peaks thanks to planning, consumption monitoring and load shedding
  • Transparent cost controlling for energy supply
  • Easy handling of all logs and reports

OptimizeIT possesses an open system architecture with a database server connected to the company's network data, making it possible for every user to gain access rights to information. Forecast data, real-time measurement and historical data can be accessed at any time and interlocked with any desktop application via SQL commands. Field data from process control systems, PLCs and meters become available using standard tools like OPC and fieldbus.

OptimizeIT has been developed to:

  • Forecast electrical power needs, process steam, gas and other fuels
  • Allotment of the energy requirements to the appropriate energy sources at minimum cost
  • Enable cost-effective distribution to energy importing sources through forecasting and load allocation
  • Plan and calculate transactions in the energy business
  • Monitor the energy system for optimized performance, energy billing and efficiency
  • smart load management
  • Reporting & history