Automation Solutions

Process Control Station

Process Control Station: Control room
Process Control Station: Visualization
Real-time database for process data capture

The automation of partial processes right up to central control of the whole foundry from a central control station is a success factor amongst other things for increasing the flexibility of production and for decreasing the production costs.

ABP Induction's Process Control Systems represent solutions for complete, centralized monitoring and control of all the equipment and furnaces in the foundry. As a market leader in the field of automation, ABP Induction offers an extensive range of systems.

Integration of existing controllers through: Profibus, Modbus, TCP/IP Ethernet and serial interfaces.

Your benefits:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduction in costs due to poor quality
  • Monitoring of important plant parameters
  • Automated evaluation
  • Logging of process data
  • Visualization of critical processes
  • Central control of spatially-separated plant
  • Expansion options for future plant
  • Reduction in staff costs

We offer you the appropriate products and solutions in every area of engineering.

At the design stage, the main emphasis was placed on a simple operation and maintenance of the system. With the help of the necessary visualisation of process data you'll be able to keep an overview of your pouring process at anytime.

Visualization of process flows like:

  • Process displays
  • Trend progressions
  • Faults

Real-time database for process data capture:

  • Central database for the entire process database by foundries
  • Process data capture and monitoring
  • Reporting and history, alerts
  • Data interface to already existing controllers and process control stations

Your benefits:

  • Online availability and total transparency through the use of all information in real time
  • Correlation presentation of complex backgrounds
  • Improved production planning
  • One database for all ABP Induction software solutions