Plant Dimensioning

Meltshop Designer: E.g. analysis after simulation of dimensioning.

"Must the melting plant really be designed for the short-term, above-average liquid metal requirements of the forming plant?"

"How big should my heated holding furnace be?"

"Is the 1.4t tapping ladle better than the 1.8t tapping ladle?"

These are decisive questions, which if answered incorrectly during the project planning phase can put the economic viability of the investment into question for the next 10-15 years. To increase the planning safety to >95%, we have developed Meltshop Designer for the dimensioning of the main equipment (melting furnaces, ladle handling, pouring furnaces, forming plant, energy supplies).

With this tool we simulate the behaviour of the planned plant with the critical parameters - such as throughput, volumetric capacity, power, thermal loss and handling times.