Process Simulation

Meltshop simulation: Evaluation of process data
Meltshop simulation: Evaluation of job execution "Gnatt-Diag"

"Are the liquefaction process and forming plant output correctly matched to one another?"

"Are your plants optimally utilized?"

"How can the different casting qualities be effectively cast on a forming plant?"

"What is the optimum job sequence to ensure all delivery dates?"

To answer these questions it is necessary to process and evaluate huge amounts of product and process data. For all of this Meltshop Simulation, a branch-specific solution is available.
What benefits can process simulation provide for a foundry?

  • Detailed variant evaluation in a short time
  • Planning security > 95% when making investments
  • Detailed figures, data and facts for the elaboration of potentials
  • Optimization ideas for cross-department order handling