Accessory equipment

For the individual furnace plants, ABP Induction offers accessory equipment which helps the furnace user to enhance reliability, optimize individual operating cycles, shorten down-times or upgrade existing furnace plants.

Any furnace is only as good as the skilled personnel operating it. This also applies to the equipment provided for the furnace and this is why ABP Induction offers additional equipment.
Using this additional equipment, the work can be facilitated and the operational result improved. Here also, the measure of all things is our customer's requirements. In most cases, it is the desire to enhance reliability, to optimize operating cycles, to shorten downtimes. It is also a quest for a cost-effective, state-of-the-art upgrading of existing systems and components.

Skimming device

Slag removal system...

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Crucible Push-Out Device

Crucible removal system...

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Emergency tilting device

Battery operated tilting device in case of a power failure...

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