Power supplies

Converter with a power of 10 MW

ABP offers for the power supply of their induction furnace systems converters using different technologies: thyristorized converters and IGBT converters.

The basic function of a converter system is to convert line frequency, three phase power from the utility network to a variable, load governed frequency that is appropriate for a particular induction melting or heating load.

6, 12 or 24 pulse rectifiers are used in these converters. The pulse count refers to the number of current pulses drawn from the three phase utility network per cycle of line voltages. The greater the number of pulses per cycle, the smoother the current will be. Smoother current helps to avoid harmonic distortion of the utility line voltage. Low distortion of the line voltage is necessary to avoid problems with other equipment connected to the utility lines.

250 kW IGBT module

IGBT converter

Converters using modern IGBT technology...

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Thyristor converter

Converters using thyristor technology...

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TWIN-POWER® - circuit


Two furnaces, one power supply...

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