Process Control

Melting and casting are a fascinating mixture of handed-down knowledge, a fine feeling for metals, craftsmanship and modern technology. But even here, the future has already made its presence felt in the form of highly complex control, automation and information technology, all of which constitute ABP Induction's IndustrialIT solutions.

A digital control unit (DICU) performs all control and protection functions of the converter. The DICU can be assisted by ABP's melt processors to achieve a continuous automatic monitoring of the furnace system.

The continuous automatic monitoring of the furnace system ensures safe melting operations at all times. It even permits control of the entire melting process. It comprises:

  • Recording of the furnace contents and calculation of the power supply
  • Control of the energy supply
  • Recording of cooling water and housing temperatures
  • Control of energy supply for melting or holding operations, automatic cold starts
  • Monitoring of the fire-resistant housing
  • Recording, storage and visualization of current operating data and states
  • Threshold monitoring and alarm initialization
  • Teleservice for diagnostics, maintenance and sales support for ABP Induction systems worldwide; including sequential programming and online operation of the melting process

As an excellent example see the easy operation, maintenance and installation for the induction furnaces of type FS. During the design of the Medium Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace, the main focus was placed on easy operation and maintenance of the system. Your staff can quickly be trained on how to install, operate and troubleshoot. This results in less training costs for you. The pre-configured modules of the FS furnace support the fast and safe installation of the system on site, thus keeping the costs low and helping to quickly get into operation.

DICU - Digital Inverter Control Unit


All the converter's control and protection functions...

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ABP's PLC-based melt processor...

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ABP's computer-based melt processor...

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