Heated, pressurized pouring system - PRESSPOUR® type OCC

Pouring Furnace, Type OCC 200 (Inductor not mounted)

The pouring furnace PRESSPOUR® type OCC is used for holding and the automated pouring of ferrous and copper alloys. As far as cast iron is concerned, available are models with a total capacity of 2.900 kg to 25.000 kg and an inductor power of 130 kW to 500 kW.

Advantages and features:

Slag-free pouring with siphon principle
The pouring furnace with its pressure-tight cover has a cylindrical shape. The feed and discharge channels end in the bottom of the vessel (siphon principle). This configuration ensures practically slag-free pouring.

Automated pouring
An electro mechanic drive with a variable adjustment unit moves the stopper after the selected pouring program. This can be done by either using the teach-in method or the closed-loop mould level control called OPTIPOUR®.

Easy positioning of the furnace
In order to adapt to varying pouring positions, the furnace can be moved lengthwise and perpendicularly to the casting system.

Power supply
The inductor is connected to the power supply system via a furnace transformer, which permits selection of the various furnace voltages for holding and superheating.

Constant pouring temperature
The inductor of the PRESSPOUR® furnace is a quick-change unit lined with a corundum or magnesite-based spinell-forming dry mass responsible for keeping the melted metal warm. The inductors are supplied optionally as channel-type (air- or water-cooled) or crucible-type (water-cooled) inductors.

Monitoring and operational safety
Continued automatic monitoring of the furnace system guarantees safe operation at any time. All along, the control of the entire pouring procedure is possible.

Easy operation, maintenance and installation
At the designing stage, the main emphasis was placed on a simple operation and maintenance of the system. With the help of detailed instructions, an efficient and quick training of technical personnel is enabled to ensure, for instance, assembly, operation and troubleshooting.