ABP Service philosophy

There are many who can sell! The secret of long lasting business success however lies in the care and support of our customers, who operates our equipment. The competent and fair service support during the whole life cycle of the equipment rounds up our business concept.

For us it’s mandatory, that our customers are satisfied on long term with their quality products. Also we concentrate on the economic success of our customers on long view. Because of the high investment cost in our market the availability and a long lifetime of the equipment is most important. The fact, that our customers decided to purchase ABP equipment shows, that they appreciate best quality. This kind of standard will be completed by our sophisticated, tailor-made service.

By offering our diversified service portfolio, we provide our customers the potential to keep the value of their ABP equipment. In addition the costs for maintenance can be calculated and kept on a reasonable level. Our services have a lasting effect on the equipment which counts off in an economical way.

We support our customers by presenting service product matching the needs:

•    Service hotline, if help is urgently needed
•    Individual, optimised service contracts
•    Preventive maintenance
•    Supply of spare parts, if you face incidentally a faulty part
•    Repairs on own as well as on external equipment
•    Modernisation of existing equipment to prolong its lifetime
•    Optimisation of the processes to improve the efficiency

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