Repair Services

ABP Repair Team

We as ABP Induction have an eventful history. Due to that, you will find Induction equipment from different stages (IT, SCC, ITMK, IFM, FS ect.)  on the market. There is equipment from ASEA, BBC and ABB, which belong to our installed base running successfully at customer sites since centuries now. Certainly we offer all kind of repairs for the whole scope of equipment.

Our comprehensive experience and know-how will be applied also working with foreign parts. Means, you can always expect a repair on highest quality. Even if you operate induction components supplied by other producers, ABP Induction will provide its market known competence and will offer the needed repair activities.

Parts of our scope are:

  • Exact failure analysis and elimination of the source
  • Fast support to achieve the full production capacity of your equipment
  • High quality repair standards and extensive professional competence
  • Know-how-transfer of innovations coming from the new installation business

Energy savings

The energy savings is a major focus of our work. ABP is constantly developing techniques to reduce the power consumption of induction furnaces. These innovation will be implemented during repairs, if technically possible.

The certification ISO9001 issued to ABP Induction is proving our high quality standard. 

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