You are going to raise your production?

A change of feedstock is planned?

Some of the components of your equipment are out-of-date?

You are looking for potential of energy savings?

The supply of spare parts is not secured any more?

You have to fulfil certain quality standards – certifications QM/UM/AM?

You are aiming for a prolonged lifecycle of your equipment?

You are aiming for an increased grade of automatism – higher efficiency?


There are a lot of reasons to decide for a possible modernisation. ABP Induction offers you a professional and cost orientated examination. Based on our long time experience we prepare an expertise to give you an overview about the investment of a modernisation. In many cases the result shows an advantage towards a modernisation compare to a new installation.

Within a modernisation we will consider components, which comply with the latest state of development. Innovations engineered in the meanwhile at ABP will be integrated.

Besides a complete modernisation it is possible to have a separate look on the following components:

  • Induction furnance
  • converter
  • cooling system
  • power supply
  • automatisation
  • automatic pouring control system (OPTIPOUR®)

ABP Induction has successfully installed different kinds of modernisation at customer’s sites (e.g.):

  • Retrofit of line frequency to medium frequency power supply without exchange of the furnace coil
  • Exchange of old pouring control systems by ABP OPTIPOUR®
  • Retrofit of line frequency power supply to line frequency converter technology

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