Success on first day at GIFA

ABP Induction and MAT Ueckermuende expand the melt shop with an energy efficient ABP high power medium frequency furnace.


Generation Change at ABP Induction

Dortmund, Germany - April 16, 2015 – Dr. Wolfgang Andree, President of ABP Induction, LLC and Managing Director of ABP Induction Systems GmbH has...


The successful start of a new product developed by ABP

Together with Siemens VAI Metals today PRIMETALS, ABP Induction System GmbH has designed a new flexible system for heating rail heads.A zone...


Epic Success in Induction Furnace Technology:

42 MW highest powered Induction furnace installation in commercial production



Billet Heater - Type 'EBS'

The EBS medium-frequency billet heater is used for the heating of steel billets (ferromagnetic and austenitic qualities) and non-ferrous metals. more

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