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Success on first day at GIFA

Wednesday, 17.06.2015

ABP Induction and MAT Ueckermuende expand the melt shop with an energy efficient ABP high power medium frequency furnace.

Lars Steinheider, Managing Director of MAT Foundries Europe GmbH, Neunkirchen/Germany (l.); Till Schreiter, President of ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Dortmund/Germany (r.)

Duesseldorf, June 17th 2015 – “Overcome limits” – was ABP’s motto during this year’s GIFA which define service, customer care and product quality continue to set new standards and to overcome insurmountable barriers.

ABP is serious about their motto which they already proved - in a highly competitive surrounding - on day one at GIFA. The Northern-German foundry MAT Ueckermuende is convinced of the high performance of the offered melting furnace IFM 7/13,4 t; 9 MW characterized by a low energy consumption, modern exhaust concept and high reliability.

The furnace will ship from the Dortmund factory on October 2nd 2015 and will start production in Ueckermuende on December 19th 2015. After the furnace commissioning, MAT Ueckermuende will subsequently improve their competitive position and set new standards in sustainability by this high energy efficient furnace configuration.