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Technology Advancements

Wednesday, 07.01.2015

ABP has developed numerous new applications and processes specifically for the steel industry in 2014.

This includes, among other things, a new development in reheating and temperature compensation for flat products during the rolling process This new developments enables the system to define and maintain a precise heating temperature in different product widths and thicknesses. This allows for the system to drastically reduce energy consumption which returns enormous cost savings to the user.  ABP has been developing this product since 2010, and is now using and implementing this product.

Another milestone achieved in 2014 was the development of edge heating. Edge heating is used for the optimization of longitudinal heating for slab heating. ABP's Edge Heater is able to increase temperature accuracy for older generation rolling mill lines. ABP Induction had multiple requests for this product through the years and through research and design has offered this product to the market in 2014.

ABP Induction is happy to announce the successful commissioning of a high speed rail heating system used in a specially designed heat treating process for high speed rails.

These improvements and advances in technology have also led to the improvement of long product and wire heating processes.

ABP continues to make technological advances in the induction field and this research and dedication to increasing the efficiency of customer's systems has kept ABP Induction the leader in induction technology.